Making Rangoli

In line with the Deepavali festival, children learned about the cultures with the colorful “Diwali Rangoli” made during the Indian festival of light. Rangoli is an art of decoration drawn on the floor or the entrances of homes. It represents happiness, positivity, bringing good luck, prosperity and to welcome guests. In a country like Malaysia filled with cultural festivals throughout the year, it is always good to give children opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures while having fun.
The activity started out with children preparing the Rangoli materials such as chalk powder, colored raw rice, etc. After choosing the design that they wanted to make, the children drew them on the floor with the help of our staffs and parent. Once all the preparations are done, the children started filling the design with colorful raw rice. The Rangoli patterns are just so pretty. The children were extremely proud of the result and look forward to future culture activities.